Mission Statement

The Filipino American National Historical Society promotes understanding, education, enlightenment, appreciation and enrichment through the identification, gathering, preservation and dissemination of the history and culture of Filipino Americans in the United States.

FANHS was organized by Dorothy and Fred Cordova of Seattle, Washington on November 26, 1982, and incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the State of Washington on January 7, 1985. FANHS is a tax exempt, 501 (c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code, and is governed by a 27-member Board of Trustees who serve without pay. Thelma Buchholdt has been a FANHS trustee since 1986. There are 20 FANHS chapters throughout the United States. The Alaska chapter is No. 17.

FANHS National Office, 810 18th Ave., Seattle, WA 98122

Filipino American History

First Filipino contact with America

On October 18, 1587, the Spanish galleon, Nuestra Senora de Esperanza, on an exploratory voyage to the West coast of North America, arrived at a place we know today as Morro Bay, California. Filipinos (Luzones Indios) were among the ship's crew.

-- from the galleon's Captain Pedro Unamuno's log

First Filipinos to Settle in North America

In 1763, some Filipino crewmembers of a Spanish galleon, while unloading cargo at a place we know today as New Orleans, Louisiana, jumped ship and escaped to the bayous where they established their homes.

-- from research conducted by Marina Espina, author of Filipinos in Louisiana

Filipinos in Alaska

From 1788 to 1794, Filipinos arrived in Alaska as crewmembers of British and American fur trading ships. In 1791, Filipino crewmembers of Spanish ships arrived in Alaska. In the latter part of the 19th century, Filipinos arrived in Alaska as crewmembers of whaling ships.

By the early 1900s, Filipinos began to arrive in Alaska to work for the canneries. They also worked for the gold mines in Southeast Alaska. Most of them were men, and many settled in Alaska, married Alaska Native women and raised families.

-- from research conducted by Thelma Buchholdt, author of Filipinos in Alaska: 1788-1958.

FANHS Alaska Chapter

The Alaska Chapter was organized, incorporated in the State of Alaska and chartered by the national organization in 1994. Alaska Chapter members are automatically members of the national organization. Everyone who supports our mission statement is welcome to join FANHS.

Membership and Dues:

One third of the dues paid to the Alaska Chapter is transmitted to the national office to help support the national office and maintain the National Pinoy Archives, the largest repository of Filipino American historical documents in the world.

Individual membership dues: One year ($25); 10 years ($100); Lifetime ($250).

Family/Organization membership dues: One year ($30); 10 years ($125); Lifetime ($275).

Student or Seniors (65 and above) Membership dues: One year ($5).

Dues paid by a check or money order should be made payable to FANHS Alaska Chapter.

Chapter Projects:

Research, Oral History, Writing, Archival/Records, Lectures, Historical Photo Collection.

Chapter Officers:

President, Thelma Buchholdt;

Vice President, Aurora Hovland;

Secretary, Rita Ramos; and

Treasurer, Aida Hayden.


2607 Kona Lane, Anchorage, AK 99517

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